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A Different Perspective by gjeel Fandoms: The only question is, how did Sakura manage to win so easily? And that jutsu seems to be draining you of every ounce of energy left. But it was quiet in the house and everyone was asleep, so I tried to hold it back, even though it was next to impossible.

While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error. Carmen electra lesbian sex. Moegi, Hyuuga Hanabi Ship: They find comfort in the arms of their best friend to the tune of a Sexy Sax.

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Ino felt herself get wet at the mere thought of touching those breasts. Sakura x ino yuri. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on the feeling of Sakura's fingers pulsing inside me. Nobody should be there though, so you can totally chill out. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Dickgirls, non-con, OOC Preferred ratings: Nothing I can think of Preferred ratings: Five letters Sakura wrote. Sakura continued and Ino bit down on Sakura's neck, determined to mark her territory with a hickey.

Sakura finds solace in working as an EMT, however when Ino Yamanaka comes back into her life her routine is thrown off. She sucked and licked her fingers before pulling them out to slip into my mouth. Naked selfies new. She closed the stall door behind them and got close to Ino. What could possibly be so odd about that?

I'm Lizzy and here is my second lemon. Sakura started moaning and thrust her hips into Ino's fingers and tongue. Keeping the pace of her fingers and rubbing the rough jewel with her thumb, she hovered closer to my lips.

So why do they say our love isn't' Ino is in Sakura's bedroom, her parents are home and just a room away, but yet she can feel Sakura's fingers deep inside her… What's become of them? This is a girl on girl lemon and will contain pretty graphic and mature descriptions.

Sakura bent her upper torso a little more, and pressed her fingertips to Ino's cheeks as she gently spread each of them apart. Experimentally flicking her tongue against it to slowly suck it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it to cause more leaked moans and whimpers to escape the other female's lungs as she flexed her fingers out against the smooth surface of the desk.

She can't just leave it at there. Asking Tenzou out was hard, and having him say yes was unexpected. Her lips were parted and her cheeks were flushed as she slowly began to move her fingers again, pushing them into the same part.

Sakura participated, kissing the blonde back without any hesitation. It's all about us -: Never thought I would write something like this. Self-flagellation of shame will begin shortly. Top escort babe. Ino finally couldn't help herself and grasped one of Sakura's breasts roughly, sending a moan from Sakura's mouth into Ino's.

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For imasupermuteant Requested pairings: I was really happy when I found out I got to draw for you: Just In All Stories: Ino moved her papers and pen-pots to the side, giving Sakura enough room on the desk. Sex contacts kik. It was Sakura's turn to play.

Her sea-green eyes skimmed the text only half really paying attention to the words. There you have it, my first perverted story. Ack, I'm afraid I didn't manage to get my prompt of 'storm' in. Sakura x ino yuri. Ino gasped at what she saw under Sakura's skirt. But another part of me knew this wasn't real. Sakura has always had a thing for Ino, but now she finally has a chance to act on it! Sakura licked Ino's cum off her fingers and stood up.

The ninjas are having another trial in the woods and the test holders are trying to pull the same tricks on them as when they were kids. TemaTayu, some AnkoKure Themes: Thank you for reading and please, please review; constructive criticism will be welcomed. I just got bored and decided I would write some Naruto one-shots If Sakura noticed, she didn't let on.

Sakura sighed, chipping away at the bubblegum-pink nail polish on her nails, [Name]'s words ringing through her head. Pantyhose femdom tumblr. They turned and made out again. Uzumaki Karin, Hyuuga Hinata Ship: Disclaimer; I don't own Naruto, nor its characters. August 29, 5: Yuri, lesbian love, pure lemon and PWP.

Ino's head was still spinning, her heart still pounding and she still felt her lower regions blissfully wet and warm from release. But I didn't mind. She sucked and licked her fingers before pulling them out to slip into my mouth. I would have sworn to the due date being the 26th. Nude gf sex pics. Yeah, this fic is just straight up fetish porn with Ino as the perpetrator I guess.

Ino slid her fingertips against the two blushing petals that spread apart, allowing her a view inside Sakura's blossom. Sequel of sorts to I Swear Summary: Ino and Sakura's eyes shot to the intruder's face… and to the disturbed and shaking ball beside it.

Ino licked her lips and did the same.

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June 27, Naruto is bisexual and a top, while Sasuke is demisexual and vers. Her lips were parted and her cheeks were flushed as she slowly began to move her fingers again, pushing them into the same part. Her fingers scraped her pink hair back from her forehead as she attempted to focus on the words in front of her.

Starting school early hindered my time, and there's been a pretty big conflict that's come up in my life that I'd rather not talk about. Sakura's hot breathe heaved down Ino's neck, causing each of them to feel hot. Just In All Stories: Samui aches after a mission and Karui helps out-- well, at first.

I've got one less problem without you So don't expect anything from me on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday on this story She was clearly pissed off, and God have mercy on those who cross a woman like Ino Yamanaka on a bad day. Established relationship, post-series, not canon compliant.

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Saggy tits cleavage She can't stop thinking about Temari.
Porn xxx dvd Ino felt herself get wet at the mere thought of touching those breasts. Although Sakura found it faintly odd that her naked best friend was giving her a massage in the midst of a deserted hot spring, she didn't object to the firm hands as they caressed her skin.
Feet lesbian licking I hope you liked it, as well as the typical Naruto ending, ehehe. Thank you for reading and please, please review; constructive criticism will be welcomed.
Homemade amature lesbian porn Unbeknownst to the residents, vampires have been living amongst them, preying on them ever since it was built.
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