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As if Dylan doesn't parade his abs at those parties he goes to. Fresno male escorts. David Thornton Uma Thurman Jackson talked about the Harrison thing in one broadcast, to clear up what happened, but since then he hasn't commented on it.

Dammit that kid is really obnoxious. And yes r26 nailed it. People are barely finding out about Dylan Blame Dylan for hanging out with them.

Mikey barone naked

Like I said, other YouTubers have had the exact same thing happen to them, you'd think Jackson would've learned from their errors. Mikey barone naked. I'm not sure, I haven't seen his name since those threads. Did he actually go and meet his backers as he promised? Tbh you sound just like those Brackson fangirls. Followers of this shit are truly pathetic. Yeah, that pic of Dylan and Grant is really fucking hot. College hasn't been going to way he thought it would, so he doubles down with Jackson, with whom he does feel special, etc.

And they come without the baggage of a boyfriend and an awkward social media situation not great for discretion. Rule 34 the amazing world of gumball. Events like the ones this Michael guy throws are a part of the operation.

Which is something you just avoided doing again, and once again you're trying to switch the argument to me, rather than what we're actually talking about. If it was for Jackson wouldn't you iMessage or text it? They've hijacked this entire thread to make their own completely opaque point.

The first time I saw them as a couple I thought Dylan was out of his league lookswise but now Jackson has leveled up a lot. Dylan is pretty transparent so i don't think he's faking all of this. Jackson is very insecure, R He looks a little thicker. Some people enjoy life in different ways. R I specifically said no I don't think Michael has a private jet, not that he does. Getting Girls In The Shower. Could have just as easily sat back and watched his fans oh and ah about his abs.

Especially if people think you're fucking. R84 here is another video where Dylan is literally crawling all over Jackson. Comic mom porn. R - those threads were decimated. And exactly what world you do you think they're "grooming" him for? Cindy Blackman Maya N.

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Somehow they are really physically into each other and it's clear when they are together.

New state, new school, new boyfriend, etc. Lesbians make me wet. Well, it'd be the third part of this new revival of threads. Mikey barone naked. A Million Dreams flac P! I don't know why they do it for sure. Baby in Stroller uncredited Susan McBrien Keeps him "relatable" and cashing in.

And so to have women come here and then make homophobic comments suggesting gay men are preying on these adults, likening it to child grooming, is despicable. You seriously need to learn to read bweteen the lines. It would make more sense than waiting until now, with exams starting soon.

Jackson literally said "we're just friends" while sporting a hickey in his last broadcast. R, how is he obsessed? In this case, you're essentially a white person telling a black person that a racist joke isn't racist. Jackson needs to work on his body, you can't have that body in LA.

He also mentioned its a duplex and exactly how many miles from Dylan. Downblouse porn pictures. Bisexual doesn't exist anymore, it's always "pan". Oh, and I'm reminded of something random from those threads, there was a guy insisting Dylan was a smoker and that the evidence was in those pics of him and Grant in the suits - turns out that guy was right, but I don't think he ever explained what the evidence in that pic was or did he? Nobody has ever had a bad word to say about him, he is not like the rest of them.

I agree he has a special soft spot for him. Everything we're talking about is germane, so you can blame Dylan for fooling around with Jackson, not us. Is it part 3? They do it for the same reason any fame hungry person does it. Beach House flac The Chainsmokers. Do you think he started getting a little of that YouNow money and realized he could rake it up if he played the part?

It's one thing to say "all gay men are lusting after young men and are pedos" but I'm calling you as an individual creepy. Stay in school, Dylan. Kentucky cheerleaders nude. Just want to rebut that "they're not boys now" idiocy. You guys are blind as bats.

What I haven't notice until now is how many insta accts dedicated to Jackson there are. Nancy Wilson Shelby Young R Seems like he's already won. It's not that serious, sis. Getting a place that wouldn't seem like a big down grade from his last when he goes lives will be WAY expensive and take some time.

He really does have a hardcore following. Teen Girl Jo Jo Scott What in the hell is going on in here! TheTV in 90 countries Algeria. James is always so thirsty for hot guys and both he and Jackson have basically the same type the jock. Ya'll have to get over it and just be happy for them. So the roommate is out, right? Tour of the art colony. I guess you missed the "proudly gay" and the "no labels", "pan" is a label if you didn't know.

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